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You will receive a unlisted YouTube link of a video recording for your reading usually within 5-10 days of the order depending on demand. If it's a singular question that is urgent, check out my Audio Answers.

There are several time/price options to choose from. If you have more than one question or a complex singular question, I recommend ordering a minimum time of 20 minutes.

Here are a list of topics covered:

  • Career changes
  • Family conflicts
  • Removing blocks
  • Compatibility
  • Emotional healing
  • Financial struggle
  • Personal Growth
  • Finding love
  • Health issues
  • Future Timeline
  • 2 Choices Projection

If you want to cover several topics, then you'll want to order a longer reading. When you are at checkout, there is a box that says "special instructions for seller", this is where you will let me know what you want. Please DM me with any questions!

*for entertainment purposes only