About US

A little bit about Your Bliss Fix


Hey everyone! My name is Desiree Lee and I'm a Psychic Healer & Twin Flame in Union. There’s so much that I’d like to tell you about me. I’ve written and rewritten my bio because I always get caught up in wanting you to know where I’ve been and how I got here. I want you to see my list of accomplishments and know that I’m your girl. I’m the one to hire for assistance in a life changing miracle(s)! Let me just tell you this, I love helping people and I am so grateful for my gift of channeling that grants me the ability to use my earthbound tools alongside some divine spiritual guidance. My Spiritual team is so eager to remind people who they are in their hearts and together, we seek out, heal and remove blocks of pain. Together, that’s me, you and Divine Guidance, discover what’s stopping you from living life in your greatest joy. We can look at past, present and future possibilities.

 My greatest passion is helping people find love! Love of themselves, love with another and love for the Infinite consciousness. As a Twin Flame that has acquired union in 2017 and is now engaged in 2022, I can assure you that finding a healthy relationship in love requires radical acceptance. So, when you’re serious about change and are ready to manifest the best life ever, message me. Let’s get to it.


Here’s my list of accomplishments:

BFA in Digital Media/ Photography from SJSU 2003

 BFA in Graphic Design/Illustration from LCAD 2011

Level 1, 2 and 3 Usui Reiki Certification 2009, 2012, 2013

 300 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Certification 2010

Yoga Tune Up Certification 2013

Studied in Sacred Alchemy 2013

300 Hour Kundalini Yoga Certification 2015

Moonology Certification 2023



My name is Michael Taormina and I am the other half of Your Bliss Fix. I was born in San Jose, CA on the Spring Equinox of 1974. Raised in a blended family of eleven, I am both an only child and the youngest of 9 siblings. As early as the nursery, I was being brought up under the Evangelical Charismatic Non-Denominational influence in church, school and at home. As a teen and young adult, I survived drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, emotional and physical abuse. Later, as an adult, I found recovery through 12 step groups. It was out of pure necessity, that I dedicated my life to a spiritual program of rigorous honesty, self examination, prayer and meditation. My life’s quest is to continue to evolve into the man that I was created to be. I believe that every single soul has an ideal or higher self and it is our personal responsibility to strive to become it. 


Some of us are not content with who we currently are and it is my hope that by sharing my challenges and successes, it will help others become the best versions of themselves that they can be. 


I have twenty plus years working in the food service industry in San Jose, San Francisco, Orange County and Chicago. After tending bar, working as a pastry chef and running and owning a Chicago neighborhood restaurant, I am now focused on growing our small business and developing a high vibe nutrition and fitness program.