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This is the optimum choice for an longer emergency reading and/or if you unsure of what you really want to ask. A live video chat allows for interaction during your reading so that you can ask questions along the way if necessary. Choose between either a 30 minute OR a 1 hour LIVE reading via the Teleport app within 1 week depending on availability. 


If it's just a singular question that is urgent, check out my Audio Answers. for a very affordable quick fix option. 

It's always a good idea to try to think about what you hope to learn from the reading because the more clarity you have, the better communication there will be with the Divine. Think of it like going online to order a shirt, without knowing the style, size, color and brand, you won't even be able to begin your search. 

Here are a list of topics to inspire you. If you don't see something you want, feel free to message me and ask at

  • Career changes
  • Family conflicts
  • Removing blocks
  • Compatibility
  • Emotional healing
  • Financial struggle
  • Personal Growth
  • Finding love
  • Health issues
  • Future Timeline
  • 2 Choices Projection

If you want to cover several topics, then you'll want to order a longer reading. When you are at checkout, there is a box that says "special instructions for seller", this is where you will let me know what you want. Please DM me with any questions!

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