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Citrine is a stone of abundance known for manifesting wealth and success  Said to carry the power of the sun, citrine's beautiful colors range from pale yellow, rich golden yellow to dark orange and brown. Citrine is a variety of quartz that derives its color from inclusions of colloidal iron hydrates. Never needing cleansing, this stone rejuvenates, transmutes and grounds negative energy providing a clear channel for creativity while energizing every aspect of life.

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Chakra: solar plexus

Healing and Spiritual Properties:

  • raises self esteem and confidence 
  • removes destructive tendencies
  • improves motivation
  • activates creativity and encourages self expression
  • powerful for translating psychic information and guides in astral projection

Physical Properties:

  • excellent in overcoming depression and revitalizes the mind
  • stimulates the memory reinforces will power
  • improves upset stomach and digestive issues 
  • helpful with weight loss and exercise
  • fortifies the nervous system 

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