Reiki & Spiritual Guidance (1hour)
Reiki Healing

Reiki & Spiritual Guidance (1hour)

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Think of this as a energetic 'Tune Up'. In this 1 hour Reiki Healing Session with Desiree, you will receive channeled spiritual guidance, Sacred Alchemy, Reiki healing and chakra alignment. It’s like an energetic detox.

This Reiki healing session is perfect after a break up or experiencing a toxic situation/environment. This experience is designed to really discover any potential energetic blocks, detox negative energy, cut cords of attachment, give guidance and much more. Please consider the 2 hour session if you are dealing with heavier energetic symptoms.

  • Reiki/Sacred Alchemy experience

  • assess what energy centers are off or malfunctioning

  • disconnect cords of attachments to other people sucking your energy 

  • cleanse your aura

  • psychic guidance for the most pressing issue your Soul needs


*the 1 hour Reiki Healing session can be completed via Live Chat or locally for Ada County Residents


  • these sessions are NOT to be used as a substitute for real medical advice
  • the 1 hour session is best if done after receiving the 2 hour session