Group Master/Teacher Attunement
Group Master/Teacher Attunement
Group Master/Teacher Attunement

Group Master/Teacher Attunement

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Are you ready to become a Master Reiki Practitioner and a Teacher! The Master Reiki attunement is traditionally considered the teacher's level with no ego or ownership involved. While having the Master Reiki attunement does NOT require you to teach, it is now an option to. Becoming a Reiki Master also represents a deep commitment to the Reiki practice, and at least 6 months should pass between achieving the Second Degree status and Master Level.

    • a 20% discount may apply when you invite a friend to join you

    • enjoy the added benefit of learning with others

This attunement includes 2 additional symbols, further information on the Reiki process, as well as a deeper connection to source. Many report a feeling of joy and completeness after this attunement. Your own healing powers will significantly increase and you will learn how to attune others. 

    • this training takes approx. 4 to 5 hours

    • attunements are available on both a private or group setting ~ please check the shop for private attunements if you unavailable to attend

    • detoxing prior to attunements is always encouraged but NOT required (for more info. on the detox please include questions with payment)