Aura Zebra Jasper
Aura Zebra Jasper
Aura Zebra Jasper
Aura Zebra Jasper

Aura Zebra Jasper

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Aura Zebra Jasper is high vibrational with a whimsical energy! Aura Zebra Jasper is comprised of Zebra Jasper that is bonded with precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. It expands the consciousness and heals the physical and spiritual bodies.  (you will receive the item pictured)

Chakra: Root to Crown (ie. all the chakras)

Healing Properties:

  • helps you reveal your authentic self
  • unites the feminine and masculine energies
  • allows you to be more optimistic, despite any of life's challenges
  • excellent for manifesting

Physical Properties:

  • helps with kidney/bladder problems

  • improves skin, bones and teeth

  • alleviates muscle spasms

A great effort is made to keep the color of our photos as close as the actual item, colors of items received might also vary as different viewing devices (mobile phones, tablets, pc, etc.) display colors differently, and color also varies under different lighting or effects.

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